Structural Body Work "SBW"
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SBW releases most postural problems which cause pain and discomfort thereby improving overall health. This manual therapy provides a long-lasting solution for chonic pain caused by whiplash, spinal/cervical and/or musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Benefits of SBW

  • releases most postural problems
  • improves overall health
  • relieves chonic pain
  • addresses psychosomatic disorders
  • conserves body energy and creates strengh and yourthful, light feeling
  • protects body against injury, progressive deformities or degeneration
  • can help prevent deterioration of the posture
  • brings balance and integrity between muscular and skeletal systems
  • aligns body segments parallel to the line of gravity
  • improves flexibility, strength and neuromusular coordination
  • helps uplift emotional and psychological well being

How it works.
Therapeutic massage helps the body achieve instant relief from injury or muscle tension; SBW removes the cause of the tension that is deeper within and retrains the body to remember how to keep itself structurally balanced. This transformation is a body awareness on a deeper consciousness. Often, bad behavior postures and unhealthy movements can be corrected and these causes of pain and discomfort disappear after the full SBW session is completed.

Structural Integration Bodywork Pricing:
$160 per 75min spot treatment
$1600 for full 10-session commitment (received $100 credit when paid in advance)
no additional discounts allowed.  Gratuity not included and appreciated.

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Structural Body Work "SBW"

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