Dad deserves a break today!
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Our Muscle Recover Deep Tissue Sports Massage helps relieve painful areas and restore the normal flow of energy. Advanced Circulatory Massage with passive joint movement and deep cross fiber techniques are used to clean out old adhesions and scar tissue to promote better performance and faster healing. A deep, invigorating massage that is ideal for the moderately active to the serious athlete for pre-event and training maintenance needs.  A sports therapy for active relaxation.

Upgrade options are available, choose from:

  • 30-min Infared Sauna Session before or after the massage -- add $20
  • Aromatic Foot Scrub Softening Treatment -- add $20
  • Soothing Scalp Acupressure Facial Massage and Moisturizing Mask -- add $50

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Dad deserves a break today!

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